A Sunny Spring Weekend

It’s finally starting to feel like spring.

This past winter seemed to stretch on forever, teasing us with the odd warm day here and there before descending back into snow and icy winds straight from Antarctica.

I was beginning to lose hope, but we finally had some respite this past weekend with glorious sunshine – the perfect opportunity to spend time with Elliott’s parents and dine al fresco in the garden!

Our little vegetable patch is slowly beginning to come back to life, with crisp heads of lettuce dotted throughout the soil beds and a determined cluster of parsnips taking up one corner. Back in our apartment my tomato seeds have sprouted into sturdy little plants, and Elliott’s parents have ordered a fresh batch of seeds to sew in the coming days.

If all goes to plan we’ll be harvesting peas, courgettes, sweetcorn and many others throughout the next few months – the perfect late-summer harvest!

When we weren’t relaxing in the garden, we were strolling through the huge park that runs behind their house. With little pockets of woodland and a beautiful Victorian conservatory situated amongst the greenery, it’s one of my favourite places to spend time on a warm spring day.

I had to snap a photo of these little popcorn-shaped clouds. Aren’t they just the cutest?

This was the first opportunity that we’d had to spend time with our friend Alex since the pandemic began, as he works as a teacher. It was amazing how quickly things felt like normal again, and it seemed as though no time had passed at all.

We enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast dinner out in the garden, and were serenaded by Alex as he demonstrated his musical skills and various new instruments. I particularly enjoyed his rendition of the Rugrats theme tune!

It looks like all the excitement wore little Fujin out. He looked so cosy sitting on his chair, wrapped up in two warm blankets.

I can relate – after a delicious dinner of roast turkey, potatoes, vegetables and crispy Yorkshires followed by treacle pudding and custard, I was too stuffed to do anything but sit and sleepily listen to everyone chatting amongst themselves. It was lovely to have our little gang back together again.

I don’t have too much more to share, but I wanted to detail our sunny spring weekend here on my blog to mark the official beginning of the new season.

Finally the colder weather seems to be behind us, and I’m looking forward to days filled with sunshine, friends and new adventures!

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