Slow Living Series: 8 Ways To Step Into Springtime

As you may be able to tell from those beautiful pink flowers and clear blue skies, spring has officially sprung here in the UK.

I firmly believe in appreciating and celebrating each and every season, along with the highs and lows that naturally follow – I love the bitter chill and cosy blankets of winter just as much as I cherish the unrelenting heat and sandy beaches of summer.

Of course, autumn will always hold a special place in my heart. But who said we can’t play favourites?

When we take a moment to appreciate the little changes that signify the passing of time, such as the new blossoms on the trees or the smell of freshly-cut grass, we’re able to carve out a meaningful life for ourselves and find joy in the most simple things.

In the spirit of springtime I decided to share a handful of the warm-weather activities that I look forward to each year. Each one serves as a tangible reminder to celebrate and enjoy the new season, no matter what else may be happening in the world.

Walk in the countryside

Although we live in South London we’re located close enough to the Kent border that we’re surrounded by beautiful forests, streams and rolling fields. One of my favourite springtime activities is to take a walk in the beautiful English countryside, admiring the flowers while enjoying the peace and quiet.

Everything seems to look prettier in the spring, with fresh flowers dotted everywhere and little green buds on every tree. The smell of freshly cut grass seems to follow me everywhere and tiny birds flit among the trees – it’s almost enough to convert me from an autumn lover into a springtime fanatic!

Get some sea air

After over a year spent inland we recently took advantage of a rare pocket of sunshine, venturing out to the coast to dip our toes in the ocean.

Of course, it’s still far too chilly to consider a swim. But simply strolling along the shoreline, skimming stones and breathing in the fresh sea air seemed to blow away those winter cobwebs and switch my mind into springtime mode. It was the most revitalising experience I’ve had in a long time, and I highly recommend kick-starting the warmer months with a visit to the closest quaint little seaside town.

Plant seeds

I’ve been growing my own tomato plants for a few years now and I’ve never looked back. My little homegrown tomatoes taste so much better than any I’ve ever found in the supermarket, and they’re surprisingly low-maintenance for such a bountiful crop.

I find myself looking forward to April, as this is when I gather my little plant pots and sow the seeds that will eventually lead to bowlfuls of ruby-red tomatoes throughout the spring and summertime. This is the season of new life, and what better way to celebrate than by planting your own thriving little vegetable patch?

Bake bread

Spend a sunny spring morning baking a fresh loaf of bread, filling your home with that wonderful smell and providing the base for your picnic sandwiches.

I recently tried my hand at homemade bagels – they taste delicious smothered in vegan cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon and decorated with thin slices of cucumber. There’s something soothing about kneading the dough over and over, making it the perfect activity to get started on when the morning sunlight spills into your bedroom and wakes you up a little earlier than usual.

Eat seasonally

I always find it fascinating how my body naturally craves the foods that are most in season at that time. Throughout the winter all I can think about are hearty vegetable stews, homemade pies and nourishing root vegetables, while the warmer months have me dreaming of watermelon, mangoes and crisp salads.

Eating seasonally is the perfect way to celebrate and embrace the natural rhythm of nature. I’m eagerly awaiting the day that Hewitt’s Farm announces the start of their strawberry season as I always come away with baskets of fresh berries that we basically live off for weeks afterwards, exactly as it should be.

Try welcoming in the springtime with a meal filled with all the bounties of a season that is bursting with life – my seasonal spring salad is a great starting point.

Have an outdoor picnic or BBQ

The chilly weather seemed to linger a little longer than usual this year, so I haven’t had the chance to fire up the grill or pack a picnic basket just yet. But here I am, patiently waiting until the sunshine decides to make a reappearance.

I’m so looking forward to dining outside again, munching on plant-based hotdogs and vegetable skewers fresh from the BBQ or dainty sandwiches and homemade cakes on a soft picnic blanket. As my old Enid Blyton books used to say, ‘Food always tastes so much better when eaten outdoors!’

See the cherry blossoms

A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season and fell even more in love with those beautiful little pink and white flowers. Now I always keep an eye out for the earliest signs of spring, when the tiny buds begin to unfurl and bloom seemingly overnight.

Elliott’s parents have the most stunning cherry blossom tree in their garden – this year they decorated it with twinkling fairy lights, resulting in a magical glow during the evenings. I almost feel as though I’m back in Japan celebrating hanami with the locals. The blossoms disappear as quickly as they arrived, so make sure to take advantage of them while you can.

Spring-clean your home

As I write this, I’ve just returned home from donating a large bag of unwanted clothes after cleaning out my wardrobe. I was particularly ruthless this time around, getting rid of anything that I didn’t absolutely love. As a result my closet is now more simple, streamlined and filled with outfits that make me feel good about myself.

Elliott and I also spent a full afternoon sorting, cleaning and organising our entire apartment recently and it really is the most satisfying way to begin a new season. Stepping into spring with a fresh, uncluttered home is a great way to shake off those winter blues and welcome in the sunshine.

How do you plan to celebrate this new season?

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