Slow Living Series: Planning A Simple, Grateful Autumn Season

I’m writing this snuggled under a cosy blanket with a pumpkin candle burning next to me. Outside, the rain pours down in sheets and the wind is blowing the first leaves from the trees.

The new season has only just begun, and I’m already feeling decidedly autumnal!

I’m aware that autumn is going to look a little different than I expected this year. We won’t be taking our annual October trip to Suffolk, I won’t be buying piles of cosy sweaters and even our regular visits to Hewitt’s Farm will be less frequent than usual.

Instead, I’ll be focusing on a simple and more meaningful autumn season.

It’s time we celebrated the little things – that extra sprinkle of pumpkin spice, pulling a much-loved sweater from your closet, the first sip of warm apple cider. It’s about the people we spend time with, the delicious food we eat together and the wonderful memories that we create.

Below I’ve listed the various ways that I’ll be celebrating a simple and grateful autumn season this year. I hope I can provide a little inspiration for fellow fall-lovers!

Cook seasonal meals

Crafting delicious meals from fresh, seasonal ingredients is one of my favourite things to do – particularly during autumn!

I’ll be making it a priority to get my hands on as many pumpkins and kabocha squash as possible, and I’ve been collecting the cosiest cold-weather recipes on Pinterest. I’m talking pies, casseroles, stews, hearty pasta dishes…

Even if I can’t step foot outside my front door, I’ll be spreading autumn cheer from my warm kitchen this year!

Go to Hewitt’s Farm

Words cannot describe how much I love visiting Hewitt’s Farm during autumn.

It might have something to do with the wooden crates filled to the brim with different varieties of squash, or the orange pumpkins dotted around the fields just waiting to be picked. It could be the adorable farm shop selling fresh seasonal vegetables, local eggs, rustic jams and chutneys. Either way, it’s as magical as Disneyland.

The farm is all out in the open, so it’s a fairly low-risk activity. As long as we visit mid-week when most people are at school or work, I’m confident that we’ll enjoy it just as much as ever!

Take long woodland walks

Finding a secluded place to walk can be a little tricky in South London, but not impossible.

Thankfully, we’ve discovered that one of our favourite woodland walks is apparently a little hidden gem. On both of our recent visits it was so quiet and empty that it almost felt as though we had it all to ourselves. And as the most perfect bonus, the woods are incredibly beautiful during the autumn season.

I can’t wait to take long, leaf-strewn walks as soon as the trees start turning those vibrant fall colours!

Watch cosy films and TV shows

Snuggling under a blanket on the sofa and watching Netflix is practically mandatory during lockdown, so this one should be easy!

I try to watch Over The Garden Wall every autumn as it gives me all the cosy vibes. Think pumpkins, leaf-strewn forests, rich fall colours… it’s heaven. Another favourite is Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which never fails to get me in the mood for Halloween!

A more recent discovery is Yuru Camp, the cutest and most relaxing anime series set at the foot of Mount Fuji during autumn. Don’t forget about Twin Peaks, a cosy (and creepy) fall classic. And of course, scary movies around Halloween is always a fun tradition!

Light autumn candles

I may have broken out the pumpkin-scented candles a little early this year.

If you’re struggling to get into the autumn spirit this fall, seasonal candles are your new best friend. There’s something about the flickering light and the sweet, spiced scent that makes me never want to leave home again – perfect for our current climate!

Drink warm drinks

Cold-weather drinks (sipped from a huge mug, of course) are far superior to any other beverages. Don’t even try to change my mind.

I mean, would it really be autumn without the classic pumpkin spice latte? How could you go for a long woodland walk without a thermos flask filled with warm apple cider? There’s also the spiced herbal tea, peppermint hot chocolate, creamy white hot chocolate with marshmallows… it’s a no-brainer.

No matter what your day looks like, a warm drink will instantly make everything feel cosier and more autumnal. In my opinion, they should be mandatory!

Take long baths

There’s nothing better than a long, hot bath while the rain lashes at your window.

This autumn season I’ll be lighting a candle, selecting my favourite podcast and relaxing in a warm pumpkin-scented bath of bubbles. The Body Shop are bringing back their Vanilla Pumpkin range this year, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Afterwards, I’ll slip into my cosy new pair of pyjamas and curl up in bed. Who needs to go outside?

Wear cosy sweaters

I’m feeling very grateful for my substantial sweater collection this autumn.

With my outdoor activities fairly limited this year, I can’t really justify purchasing new sweaters – after all, where would I wear them? Luckily I have more than enough cosy outfits hanging in my closet, and I can’t wait to wear them when the chilly weather settles in to stay.

Host Thanksgiving dinner

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional sense, but I love the idea of honouring the season with a good meal and some of my favourite people.

For the past few years we’ve been hosting our annual Thanksgiving dinner, and I’m determined to keep the tradition alive. It brings me so much joy to decorate our table with pumpkins, squash, autumn leaves and fairy lights – set off beautifully by the orange and red trees outside the window. Then we all sit down to a spread of roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce, mashed potato, bread rolls, vegan turkey…

It’s easily one of my favourite days of the year, and I’m already looking forward to it!

How will you be celebrating a simple and grateful autumn season this year?

2 thoughts on “Slow Living Series: Planning A Simple, Grateful Autumn Season

  1. Love this list of ideas, thanks for sharing. 😊 This autumn will be very different, but not necessarily worse, still lots of fun to be had, simple pleasures to be savoured and so much to be grateful for. X


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