Goodbye, Autumn

I had big plans for my blog this autumn, and vowed to post twice a week throughout the entirety of the season.

Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go as I imagined. Life got in the way – with a hectic work schedule, a new gym routine and regular therapy sessions I just haven’t had the time or energy to come up with new posts.

If I’m completely honest, I’ve been feeling pretty unmotivated when it comes to my blog.

I’ve been making a few tweaks to my diet, but I don’t quite feel comfortable enough to share them until I’m sure that they are making a lasting positive impact. With that said, keep your eyes peeled for a diet and lifestyle update coming in early January!

Thankfully, I’ve still been making the most of my favourite season. I have so many photos and memories to share, so I decided to pull together a summary of autumn through my eyes.

Back in late October, we decided to pay a visit to our favourite local farm for a little pumpkin picking session.

Needless to say, it was a success!



It was a little trickier than usual to find the perfect pumpkin – many of them were still green or oddly-shaped. Maybe the insane heatwave during the summer months had something to do with the crop this year?

But we persevered, and came away with three perfect pumpkins. Even Fujin managed to find one!


The highlight of the autumn months is always Halloween – the spookiest time of the year!

We decided to dress up as Joe MacMillan and Cameron Howe from one of our favourite shows, Halt and Catch Fire. This completely underrated TV show actually inspired us to begin working together, so it’s safe to say that it had a big impact on us!


“I thought that maybe we could do this precisely because we’re all unreasonable people and progress depends on our changing the world to fit us, not the other way around. I want to believe that. I have to believe that.”

We had the best time carving pumpkins (check out Elliott’s Trumpkin!), eating way too much vegan Halloween candy and watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.



I’m always a little sad when Halloween is over. A whole year to wait until things get spooky again!

We’ve been venturing out into the woods with Fujin lately, to admire the autumn colours and stomp through crunchy leaves. Our first home together was situated on Kemnal Road in Chislehurst, right next to the most beautiful forest (fun fact: when Michael Jackson planned his UK tour all those years ago, he rented a mansion on the same road!)

So we paid a visit and reminisced about the early days of our relationship. I have so many photographs next to this tree, and this time it was Fujin’s turn!


Along with looking back at the past, we’ve been looking forward to the future and making some new traditions.

We’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving before, but this year we decided to give it a try!

What better opportunity to decorate an autumn-themed dinner table and eat a delicious meal?


We invited Elliott’s parents to spend the day with us, and it ended up being the perfect evening. Sharing the many things that we are thankful for gave me all the happy vibes, and the food was amazing. Kathy even made a vegan pumpkin pie which I can’t stop eating!

I was so happy with how my dinner table turned out – it was perfectly rustic, cosy and autumnal. I’m already looking forward to next year!



When it comes to food, autumn is the most delicious season. I love all the hearty, rustic meals that taste so good when it’s cold outside.

This year I discovered a few new recipes that will remain staples in my cooking repoitoire throughout the winter months.


  • Madeleine Olivia’s pumpkin pasta bake is perfectly creamy, comforting and so easy to make!
  • This Japanese kabocha soup was a huge hit at Thanksgiving, and I’m craving it again already.
  • I’m obsessed with these root vegetable pancakes by From My Bowl – the cosiest breakfast ever!
  • This vegan tikka masala is easily the best curry I’ve ever made. I use potatoes instead of cauliflower (Elliott hates cauliflower) and honestly, it’s better than a takeaway.
  • I was so excited to discover a recipe for the richest, most delicious tomato pasta sauce. Serve with thick pappardelle pasta for a restaurant-quality Italian meal!

Moving away from food, it’s become a tradition for us to visit Crystal Palace Park every Guy Fawkes Night to watch the fireworks display.

This year, it was as beautiful as ever!


Doesn’t the latest iPhone take the best photographs?

I have to admit, my productivity dropped sharply towards the end of autumn.

The culprit? Pokemon Let’s Go.


It’s an almost identical remake of the original Gameboy games that I first started playing way back in the 90s, but completely modernised. We’ve all been hooked, and can’t stop battling and trading each other along with working to complete the game. If you’re stuck for something to do during the colder months, I highly recommend it!

By far my favourite memory of this season is our trip to Suffolk. If you haven’t read my post all about our trip, make sure you check it out. It has ghosts, yummy vegan food, windy beach walks… what more could you want?

Autumn is now drawing to a close, with December promising Christmas, freezing temperatures and (hopefully!) snow. I’m going to miss my favourite season, but I’m so ready for winter.

How did you spend October and November?

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