How To Celebrate Halloween As A Vegan

Sing it with me: “It’s the most frightening time of the yeaaaaar….”

Okay, so maybe spooky songs aren’t my strong point. But I do like to consider myself a bit of an expert in all things Halloween – it’s my favourite day of the year, after all!

When I switched to a vegan diet almost three years ago, I was a little concerned that my newfound ethics would prevent me from enjoying this creepy occasion to the absolute fullest.

I have to admit, I find it surprisingly difficult to hunt down vegan Halloween sweets in stores. There are so many spooky snacks available, but so many of them contain some form of milk powder or worse – bleh! – gelatine.

Things may look bleak for us now on the Halloween front, but I’m feeling optimistic about the future.

With veganism experiencing a rise in popularity and supermarkets across the UK stocking a huge variety of plant-based options, it’s only a matter of time until we catch up on Halloween treats.

Until then, I’ve done the hard work for you! I’ve scoured the shelves, scrutinised countless labels and Googled for hours on end to bring you the ultimate guide to celebrating Halloween as a vegan.

If you don’t live in the UK or don’t have access to these stores, I’ve also rounded up five spine-tingling vegan recipes that you can make at home. Get ready for a super creepy, super delicious October 31st!

Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer never fail to impress with their selection of vegan Halloween treats.

Make sure to pick up a few bags of Spooky Ghosts and Vampire Bats crisps if you fancy something savoury, or their Gruesome Body Parts and Super Scary Fizzy Spiders if you have more of a sweet tooth – yes, they’re gelatine-free! Trust me, their Vampire Dentures and Spook ‘Ems are the best.

But the most delicious Halloween treat of all? Percy Pumpkins! I’m so pleased that Marks and Spencer have kept him gelatine-free, along with Count Colin the Caterpillar gummies. Cute and creepy!

Unfortunately Marks and Spencer haven’t made these treats available to purchase online, but pop into any Food Hall and take a peek!

Hummingbird Bakery

Feeling a little fancy this spooky season? I suggest paying a visit to the Hummingbird Bakery, who are offering a range of Halloween cupcakes that are both completely adorable and a little bit creepy.

These will definitely impress the trick-or-treaters – if you don’t keep them all to yourself!

Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe

I swear, almost every high street in the UK contains a branch of Mr Simm’s Olde Sweet Shoppe. I’m always transported back to my childhood when I visit – the walls are lined with old-fashioned sweets and there’s even a traditional pick ‘n’ mix section at the counter filled with all my old favourites.

Best of all, they definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to vegan Halloween candy!


The ‘Emergency Blood Bags’ will probably gross you out if you have a week stomach, but you can always just use them as decorations! They also stock something called ‘Oozing Brain Gum’ – hmm, I think I’ll just stick to the creepy-looking jellybeans and bubblegum.

If you’re feeling brave this spooky season, try their Black Death sweets – reported to be the most sour candy in the world!

Honourable Mentions

Of course, you don’t need to run out to the shops and buy all of these items just to have a great Halloween. It’s even more fun (and environmentally-friendly!) to make your own spooky treats at home.

I’ve rounded up five delicious vegan Halloween recipes that will send shivers down your spine!

Cute and creepy, these skeleton-shaped pumpkin cookies taste even better than they look.


These vegan meringues make the perfect little ghosts – they’ll be a hit with vegans and non-vegans alike!


Make the scariest of movies bearable with this pumpkin-spiced caramel popcorn – just remember to substitute vegan butter!


A little nostalgia goes a long way – recreate your childhood with this recipe for vegan candy corn!


Halloween isn’t all about sweet treats! Serve up the creepiest dinner with this Swamp Monster Jackfruit Gumbo.


What are your plans for the spookiest night of the year?

If you’re not into clubs or parties, I feel you. I’ve found that I enjoy Halloween even more now that I stay home, and I still get to wear a costume!

My boyfriend and I carve our pumpkins together every year, and it always turns into a competition. I’m determined to win this time, and have already been scouring Pinterest for the most creative ideas. Wish me luck!

We’ve also become obsessed with creating couple’s costumes – last year we were Steve and Nancy from Stranger Things, and we have an even better idea planned for this Halloween. Unfortunately the TV show we’ve been inspired by isn’t very well-known, so I’m sure most people won’t have a clue who we are!

Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic scary movie. I like the newer ones, but I’m obsessed with older films too – The Thing gave me the creeps, and I love Halloween and Scream. As long as I’m completely terrified, I’m happy. A little weird, I know!

You don’t have to stay home to enjoy a creepily fun Halloween, though. Forget scary movies – I prefer the real thing.

I’m lucky enough to live in London, so I’ve been dying to experience the Jack the Ripper tour. I’ve promised myself that I’ll do it one Halloween, so maybe this year will be the year!

My boyfriend and I have also made plans to visit Highgate Cemetery at some point this month. It looks absolutely beautiful, and I’ve always loved checking out old gravestones and reading the inscriptions. Plus, it’s rumoured to be haunted…

If your town has a famous creepy location, definitely pay a visit – when I visited Edinburgh I had the best time exploring the spooky underground vaults. If all else fails, a visit to your local graveyard is guaranteed to give you chills!

I hope this post has made you feel a little more confident about approaching Halloween as a vegan. You can definitely stuff yourself with way too many snacks and scare yourself silly without compromising your beliefs, and I’m living proof.

Enjoy the most frightening night of the year, and have a spooktacular time (sorry, I had to!)

“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween.”

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