I turned 29 a few weeks ago, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. It sounds silly, but I instantly felt a little more mature when I woke up that morning.

I’ve been taking stock of my life lately – looking back at what I’ve achieved, and looking forward towards what I want to change.

When I think back over the last decade, I can’t help feeling proud of myself. Growing up in New Zealand, my main life goal was to move to London and get a job in the city. I didn’t know exactly what field I wanted to work in (social media wasn’t as huge as it is now!) but I knew it would be something creative, involving writing.

It wasn’t easy. I graduated from university with a degree in Communications, and soon discovered that there weren’t many jobs going in New Zealand at the time. I ended up working at a shoe store for a few years, saving as much money as I could.

Then in June 2012, I booked a one-way flight to London.

Finding a job in the UK wasn’t as easy as I had imagined. I took a position as a sales advisor at a phone shop, promising myself that it would only be for a few months.

It took over a year, but I finally managed to score a communications internship at a housing association. I worked my butt off! I was still working at the phone shop during this time, so I would often go over two weeks without a day off. It was exhausting. But through this internship I was able to land my first full-time job in social media, and from there I climbed the ladder to where I am now: a Digital Communications Executive at a London charity.

I have the role, the office and the experience that I always wanted. I did it!

So… now what?

I love my job, but lately I’ve been wanting to challenge myself again. So when Elliott asked me to join his new startup as Chief Marketing Officer, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

It’s a no-brainer. I’ll have more responsibility, more learning curves and more decision making. I’ll also get to work from home! And best of all, I’ll be able to create something amazing with my best friend.

So it’s official. In a few weeks, I will be leaving my current role and working full-time with Elliott. I’m excited and nervous, but I know that it’s the right decision.

Now, moving on to something a little less serious!

While it’s still technically summer, I’ve been feeling decidedly autumnal lately. The scorching temperatures have dropped dramatically, and some days are even a little chilly!

We had a lovely, rainy Sunday over the weekend – the perfect excuse to light a candle and make a mug of gingerbread tea.

I’ve also been shopping for new autumn pieces for my closet – I fell in love with these boots from Topshop over the weekend, and just had to have them. Elliott has kindly surprised me with a few stunning items, including the most perfect denim jacket lined with faux sheepskin and this Lazy Oaf hat which I’m obsessed with.

I can just feel the new season coming, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s become a tradition for us to celebrate the end of summer with a trip to one of the UK’s coastal towns. Last year we visited Eastbourne (read all about it here!) and this year we decided on a stroll along Hythe Beach.

It was the first time that Fujin had seen the sea, and we couldn’t wait to see how he would react!


Unfortunately it was a little cold and choppy, which wasn’t ideal. But he made the best of it, and even managed to swim over a big wave!

Here he is drying himself off after his first dip in the sea.


I made sure to stay far away from the freezing water, and managed to snap a few photos while staying safe on dry land. Elliott wasn’t quite so lucky – he was so immersed in playing with Fujin that he ended up soaked!

There’s something special about England’s pebbly beaches. They’re completely different from the golden sands that I grew up with in New Zealand, but in a good way.


We finished off the day with a delicious bag of chips, covered in salt and vinegar. A true British day out at the seaside!

I’m pretty happy with how my twenty-ninth year is going so far, and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.

Here’s to big decisions, new seasons and life changes!

2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. I wish you all the best in your new job !! 🙂 It is always great to challenge yourself, even if it may be really scary. I’ve had the same job for two years now, that is what I studied for etc. but I’m considering changing orientation because why not? Maybe start a new project or something, I have a million ideas. There are some many things to discover !

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. How did I miss this lovely comment? Thank you so much! And I definitely agree with what you said – ‘why not?’ I think the best adventures come after you ask yourself that question 🙂

      Have a wonderful weekend!


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