October Favourites

I’ve seen these types of blog posts and videos popping up for years now, and I’ve always wanted to write one of my own. This month I finally remembered to make a note of my favourite products, entertainment and activities to share with you guys – I hope it was worth the wait!

Loving: Autumn Walks.

Boots In Leaves

This pretty much goes without saying. October is without a doubt the most beautiful month of the year, and I’ve been making it my mission to trek through a leaf-strewn forest at least once a week.

In my opinion, England was made for autumn. The streets are lined with red and orange trees, and blankets of crunchy leaves cover the ground everywhere you look. I love the crisp mornings, the dark evenings, the thick sweaters. But most of all I love wandering through the woods with my boyfriend admiring the beautiful colours, with no clear destination in mind. It never fails to bring me happiness and contentment.

Can’t it be autumn all year round?

Drinking: Charcoal.

Charcoal Drink

I’ve been intrigued by the benefits of activated charcoal ever since I read Loni Jane’s recent Instagram post, where she describes the detoxifying and hormonal-balancing properties of this little black powder. So I decided to try it for myself.

I blended two bananas, a large handful of frozen berries and around 500ml of water with one tablespoon of charcoal. The result was a slightly terrifying black smoothie – perfect for Halloween, I guess! With a little trepidation, I took a sip. It tasted… good. Like, really good. All I could taste were the frozen berries! Aside from a slightly gritty feeling in my mouth (which a gulp of water will easily wash away) I had no issues with this creepy looking drink, and I now make a point of drinking a charcoal smoothie once or twice a week.

If you’re going to try this for yourself, remember to drink twice as much water afterwards and be prepared for your poop to turn black (too much information?) I also don’t recommend taking any supplements or medication on the same day if you can help it, as charcoal has been shown to absorb nutrients from your food.

I could go on about the benefits of activated charcoal all day, so I may just save it for a full blog post – would you guys be interested in reading that? Let me know in the comments!

Reading: Ikigai.

Japanese Writing

It’s no secret that I love anything Japanese. So when I discovered Ikigai, which combines self-help, healthy living and Japanese philosophies, I was hooked.

I was always a huge bookworm as a kid, but as I’ve gotten older I struggle to find the time to read as much as I’d like. I’m already slowly plowing through How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greger (and loving it!) so I decided to try out the audiobook version of Ikigai. I’m so glad I did!

If you want to feel inspired, motivated and enlightened, I highly recommend this book. I’ve been listening to it in short bursts as I walk from the train station to my office, and it never fails to put me in a good mood. Basically, it explains how the people of Japan believe that everyone has an ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed each morning – and teaches you how to find your own. It’s given me a new perspective on life, and I can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice!

Meeting: Fujin.

September was a difficult month, as my boyfriend’s family dog Raiden unexpectedly passed away. He was without a doubt the most intelligent, human-like dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, and it was a huge blow to lose him.

But I’ve learned that life is full of ups and downs, and the most recent ‘up’ came in the form of a little puppy named Fujin. Say hello!

Puppy and Pumpkin

Fujin came into our lives on September 17th, just a few days after Raiden passed away. He may look sweet and innocent, but his needle-sharp teeth tell a different story! We’re starting to train him already, and he seems pretty receptive to commands like ‘sit’ stay’ and ‘come’. We’ve been enjoying long autumn walks with him, watching him play in the leaves. He has already stolen all of our hearts!

Using: Fair Squared.

Fair Squared Products

I’ve been obsessed with coconut lately – beauty products, candles, you name it. I usually associated the scent of coconut with the summer months, but this year I’ve been enjoying it well into autumn.

A lovely vegan beauty company called Fair Squared were kind enough to send me their Coconut Body Lotion and Coconut Body Scrub. It couldn’t have come at a better time – as soon as the colder weather hits, my skin begins to resemble that of a crocodile. I’ve been vowing to develop a regular grooming routine for a while now, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive this package in the mail.

The scrub really impressed me – it wasn’t rough and scratchy at all, and gave my skin a pleasantly invigorating exfoliation which left me feeling smooth and polished. It paired perfectly with the body lotion, which quickly melted into my skin leaving no hint of oily residue. And it smells so good. I have officially been saved from the dreaded winter dryness!

What I love most about Fair Squared is how proud they are of their vegan, cruelty-free and Fair Trade status. I’m so glad they reached out to me, and I’ll definitely be purchasing from them in future!

Playing: Journey Together.

Journey Together

I’m really not much of a gamer, unless we’re talking Crash Bandicoot. That is, until I discovered the epic 80’s delight of Journey Together.

The game follows Max, a pink-haired rebel who is growing tired of life in a small village. Neighbours warn of the dangers lurking outside the safety of the town walls, but Max is undeterred. Surely there must be more out there? And who is the legendary Hero of Time that we keep hearing about? Could it be… you?

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek ahead of release, and I’m seriously impressed. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say I’m getting major ‘NeverEnding Story’ vibes.

So what really sold this game to me? I don’t know much about gameplay mechanics and storylines, but I do know that the sassy kitten sidekick is the cutest bunch of pixels I’ve ever seen. Plus, the soundtrack is banging. If you like 80’s synths and catchy electronic beats, you’ll be in retro gamer heaven. I’m counting down the days until it’s released!

Listening To: Serial Killers.

Serial Killers

Okay, hear me out. I’m all about spreading peace, love and happiness, but sometimes a girl just needs a little gore.

I don’t know about you, but I find serial killers fascinating – I’d love to get inside their heads and figure out what compels them to commit such horrific acts. That’s where Serial Killers comes in. This podcast delves into the life and crimes of the world’s most notorious serial killers, and gives a great insight into the mind of a murderer. It’s high-quality, thoroughly researched and never fails to make me think.

I’ve always wanted to work in the world of crime and murder, and seriously considered a career as a forensic pathologist. I can’t pretend I don’t regret not following that path! For now, I’m content with the countless books, TV shows and podcasts on the subject. But you never know – a career change could be on the cards someday…

What have you been loving this month?

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