Goodbye, Summer

For most people, the end of summer is bittersweet. It’s a return to the colder, darker months and while it does have some good points, there’s definitely no reason for celebration.

In my eyes, it’s exactly the opposite. I couldn’t be happier to welcome in the season of cosy sweaters, warm blankets and crunchy leaves!

Every fallen leaf makes my heart leap, every mention of Halloween fills me with excitement. I’m already making plans to go apple-picking, dreaming up vegan pumpkin spice recipes and stocking my wardrobe full of the cutest, cosiest pieces!

So there’s no better way to celebrate the end of summer than a trip to Beachy Head, a windswept, grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. There’s just something special about the British coast – with tumbling hills lined with heather and lavender and a chilly breeze ruffling my hair, it’s the perfect antidote to busy London life.

We arrived at golden hour, the last window of sunlight before the sun begins to set. It’s a bit of a trek, but the views will hold your attention the entire way.


There were a trio of girls standing right on the edge of the cliff, taking Instagram-worthy photos complete with yoga poses. My boyfriend took one look and said, ‘Don’t even think about it.’ I was content to sit in a safer spot, dangling my feet towards the ocean.



After growing up in New Zealand, I’m a little spoilt when it comes to natural scenery. Not much impresses me (aside from Japan, but that’s a different story!) But on this trip I fell in love with the wild English countryside all over again.

Where else can you find natural white cliffs, rocky beaches and those quaint, thoroughly British touches?


Look at the little lighthouse. Just look at it. Could anything be cuter?

The trip was just what I needed – the breathtaking views and fresh sea air made me feel grounded again, and gave me a new appreciation of my life here in England. It was the perfect way to recharge my batteries and look forward to the new season with a grateful heart.

Goodbye summer, hello autumn! It’s so good to see you again.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye, Summer

  1. I loved reading about your country/beach side adventure! I felt so refreshed just after reading your post and seeing your amazing photos! I love the colder seasons as well, so nice wearing layers and feeling all nice and cosy! Love seeing you appreciating these special moments. Keep it up 🙂

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  2. Nooo, Summer’s not over until the Autumn Equinox! I totally understand that September brings a sense of endings/beginnings but I love summer (being a Leo)! I also love Autumn, Winter and Spring in equal measures, but in their own time. If you go out you still find green leaves, ripe blackberries and when the sun is out the golden rays still give a lot of heat. In between these signs that’s still summer, you can spot Autumn advancing, in the odd russet leaf, the deep colours of elderberries and rosehips, a slight nip in the air…but we are still in transition! I milk Summer for all its worth and when Autumn comes, I’m ready to settle and pick up my knitting in front of the woodstove, but not before! ☺💕

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