10 Savoury, Seasonal Pumpkin Recipes

Autumn lovers, rejoice – it’s officially pumpkin season!

The majority of pumpkin recipes that I see floating around on Instagram and Pinterest consist of cakes, muffins and sweet pies. While those are delicious in moderation, I definitely have more of a savoury tooth.

So I decided to round up the recipes that get me craving this seasonal orange gourd, from homemade pies to creamy risottos and everything in between. Now that pumpkins are officially making their way into the shops and farmers markets, it’s time to stock up and get some recipe inspiration in order to make the most of the upcoming autumn season.

Pumpkin and Vegetable Pie

I just had to start off this list with my absolute favourite pumpkin recipe of all time – a homemade Pumpkin and Vegetable Pie that ticks all my autumn boxes. It’s hearty, rustic and filled with the flavours of this beautiful season, and I’ve been making it on repeat throughout October and November for as long as I can remember.

Pumpkin Soup

You can’t go wrong with the classic Pumpkin Soup during the colder months, particularly around Halloween. It’s perfectly warming and delicious, with swirls of coconut cream and crunchy clusters of pumpkin seeds dotted across the surface. I can foresee myself stirring up a huge batch of this in my new Le Creuset casserole pot and feasting on it for days to come!

Pumpkin Hummus

Just look at the bright orange hue of this creamy and delicious treat! I’m planning to pair this homemade Pumpkin Hummus with my favourite sweet potato crackers, resulting in a healthy and seasonal snack to enjoy throughout the autumn months.

Pumpkin and Goats Cheese Tart

How adorable do these Pumpkin and Goats Cheese Tarts look? I tend to avoid dairy as much as possible, but I make an exception for locally sourced raw milk and cheeses which provide a number of health benefits with none of the sore stomach or skin problems that I usually associate with dairy products. I can’t wait to serve these rustic little pumpkin tarts up with a generous helping of seasonal vegetables!

Pumpkin Fritters

As much as I try to eat a healthy diet, I’m a sucker for anything deep-fried. While I do save this method of cooking for special occasions, making the effort to include a nutritious and seasonal vegetable like these Pumpkin Fritters helps me to feel as though I’m counterbalancing all the oil and grease!

Pumpkin Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt

There’s nothing better than a warm dinner roll alongside a warm bowl of kabocha soup, and I love to serve this dish up as a starter to my famous Thanksgiving feast. These Pumpkin Rolls with Rosemary and Sea Salt are a rustic and comforting option, and their orange hue make them perfect for this time of year.

Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto

I recently visited a friend for lunch and she cooked me the most delicious lemon risotto, which has sparked an obsession with this comforting and indulgent dish. So when I found a recipe for this creamy Pumpkin and Mushroom Risotto, I knew I would be making it on repeat throughout the autumn months.

Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin

Now this is autumn indulgence at its finest. An entire pumpkin roasted and filled with herby stuffing, beautifully presented at the table to be shared with family and friends. This Roasted Stuffed Pumpkin would make a wonderful side dish for any Thanksgiving feast and perfectly captures the colours and flavours of this rustic season.

Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Pasta Bake

I’ve been making this Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Pasta Bake for the last few years, and it’s one of those dishes that always signifies the beginning of a new season. There’s something about the delicious smell wafting from the oven before biting into a chunk of roasted pumpkin that gives me all the autumn feels and gets me way too excited for the months ahead.

Roasted Pumpkin Quiche with Caramelised Onions and Sage

Ahh, the humble quiche. In my opinion, it’s one of the most quintessential British dishes out there and never fails to remind me of picnics in the English countryside. I usually feast on quiches during the summer months, but this Roasted Pumpkin Quiche with Caramelised Onions and Sage is distinctly autumnal and will feature in my lunch recipe repertoire until at least December.

Which seasonal pumpkin dishes are you looking forward to whipping up this autumn?

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